Campus Life

There’s always something fun going on at NCC!

Join a club, try out for the sports shooting team, get active at the LLRC, or attend one of the many campus activities: we offer so many ways to connect with the NCC community and build friendships that last a lifetime. 

Living in the residence halls is also great option to meet new people and experience the full campus life. Just a short walk from classes, student housing at NCC is made up of four housing complexes that feature suite and apartment style living.

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The LLRC is our rec center here on campus. And people can go there for free. That's the perk of it.

Some of the things that they offer there are an indoor track for walking or running, a very large variety of weightlifting equipment, ellipticals, treadmills. They do offer some fitness classes and workshops, like yoga, maybe Zumba. Also, if you want to start a workshop, you can always suggest it and then they get the ball rolling.

On campus, we have four buildings available for housing. My advice for someone that might be considering living on campus is, do it. The amount of people you meet is out of this world. The amount of fun that you'll have is great. There's always stuff going on.

Making friends here at NCC is super easy because as long as you're involved with the college, you're going to meet new people.

There are a lot of on-campus activities and clubs. I'm part of the sports shooting team. There's always stuff to sign up for.

Yesterday there was laser tag at the LLRC. Today there's a lunch, tomorrow is a pickleball tournament. So just keep your eyes peeled. There's always stuff on campus. You will never be bored.

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