Supporting Online Students

It doesn’t matter where you’re from – you’re a part of the NCC family.

There are many ways to meet new friends and find your online community. Discussion boards, video chats, and email are all ways to connection with your instructor and classmates. Communication (and community) are important in online courses! 

We also have a team of dedicated online staff here to support your online education. Your advisor will help you choose your classes and navigate the college process. We have tutoring and library services available to help support your education and our Bookstore makes it easy to find and purchase your textbooks. Distance is no match for our customer service!

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With my online classes, they're willing to work with you because they understand that life happens. So if you're really busy or you're having difficulty, they're willing to work with you and talk over the phone if need be. That's been really helpful.

If I have a question doing my homework on online classes, I just go ahead and email my teacher. Or we have a discussion board. And there we can ask some questions about the homework. So they answer. And the students and the classmates, we can interact with each other. So we help each other.

I enjoy talking and sharing ideas with my online instructors. It's not the same as being face-to-face. But it's still just as great of an experience.

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