Getting Started

Why should you apply to NCC?

  • Applying to NCC is easy and there is no application fee. Our friendly staff will walk you through the entire process from enrolling in NCC to choosing classes to buying your books.
  • Jump start your career. Choose from over 40 programs that will prepare you for workforce with skills and abilities that will land you a job.
  • Start here – then transfer. NCC has transfer agreements with many four-year colleges and universities.

Why wait? Apply today!

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The enrollment process is pretty simple. You just hop on the web page, a couple clicks. It is free to enroll. Send your high school transcript. You apply all on the website.

There are representatives here available to help you through the process and find the program that you're interested in and explore all of your options here.

My advisors were very helpful in helping me to get my classes on time and to figure out what I needed to be done in two years.

College merchandise and textbooks, clothes, even snacks and stuff. We have the bookstore right here in building A. You just go in and you bring your schedule. And you give it to whoever is working that day, and they'll get you all your books.

People who graduate from NCC enter the workforce right away. Some of my friends are currently working. And some people like me that decided to go for a four-year college, we're working towards our degree. And it was all possible because we got the help we needed here at NCC.

The opportunities and doors that open here are outrageous. I know in my program, we have had several companies come every year and talk to us about what they're doing. They're trying to recruit us and make sure that they have workers. Because what we're doing here is trade jobs that are in high demand, so they're out here looking for us. It's tremendous the amount of doors that are open.

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