Student Success

Your success is our story and we are here to help you achieve your educational goals. You will work with an advisor who is dedicated to helping you explore career paths, register for classes, and connect you with great resources FREE for all students.

  1. The NCC Library provides resources for all your academic needs - everything from research to a quiet place to study. Students also have access to library resources online from the website or inside your online course.
  2. The Learning Center provides free tutoring, assistance with paper preparation, proctored testing, and other supportive services on campus. 
  3. All students have access to free online tutoring through SmartThinking.    
  4. Eligible students may enroll in the TRIO program for additional advising, career planning, tutoring, and enrichment opportunities.

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Something you will see around campus is this quote-- your success is our story. What this means for NCC is that if we succeed, that's also a success for NCC, because they really care about us and want us to achieve our goals.

We have an academic center that has a bunch of resources for students to get help with whatever they need.

Tutoring is available to students through the Learning Center. There's also tutoring available for online students who want people to review their assignments or just help them through a project. The library offers many resources. I was able to use some for my projects and my research assignments.

There is also a TRIO, and that is a great source for academic support. They provide several community service opportunities and cultural events that you can participate in, and just a great resource for any needs that you may have while on campus.

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